Options if you missed Open Enrollment

If you did not act by December 7, you still have options

Help, my Medicare Advantage plan is leaving!

If you have the Blue Shield 65 Plus Medicare Advantage plan, which is terminating its contract in Contra Costa County next year, don’t panic. You have options, and you have more time to make a change. The open enrollment deadline of Dec. 7 doesn’t apply to you. Click here for information on all your options and deadlines if your plan is leaving. Click here for charts of all Medicare plans for 2017.

My Medicare Advantage plan is still here but the premium or copays are increasing!

If your current Medicare Advantage plan is increasing its premium or copays for 2017 you also have some additional options. This applies to people with the AARP Medicare Complete, either of the Humana Gold Plus plans, Golden State and Kaiser MA plans. Depending on which plan you have, you may still need to act during Open Enrollment in order to have certain rights. Click here to learn more about your options.

Overview of all the Medicare Plan Changes for 2017

Go here for a summary of all the plan changes for next year and information on all the plans available for 2017, including stand-alone prescription drug plans, Contra Costa Health Plans, the remaining Medicare Advantage plans and the Kaiser Special Needs plan for dual-eligibles.

What about Medicare Parts A and B premiums and cost-sharing?

Medicare Part A and B premiums, deductibles and copays are increasing for 2017. Click here to see the 2017 costs.

Part D information and plans

Click here for a chart with details on the Part D stand-alone prescription drug plans for 2017. And Click here for the Part D IRMAA premium surcharge amounts for higher incomes. Part D Donut Hole limits are not yet available.

How can I learn more and get help from HICAP?

If you need help you can call (925) 602-4163 for either telephone counseling, or an appointment for counseling at one of our sites.


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