MA Chart 2016

Charts for 2016 Medicare Advantage Plans for Contra Costa County

Medicare Advantage (MA) plans are private insurance plans approved and subsidized by Medicare.  They offer equivalent benefits to Medicare and are an alternative way of receiving Medicare coverage.  Joining a Medicare Advantage plan means you may not use your Medicare card outside the plan. 

All the Medicare Advantage plans in Contra Costa County are HMO’s.  That means you must use the plan’s network providers.  All include Part D prescription drug coverage.   

Eligibility for these plans is based on your residence.  Some are offered for the entire county, and some are limited to certain zip codes.  (See the chart for details.) Anyone can join a Medicare Advantage plan except persons with end stage renal disease. 

Unless you are in your initial Medicare enrollment period or a special enrollment period, you can only join or leave a plan at certain times. Open enrollment occurs each year between October 15th and December 7th.   

  • Six Medicare Advantage (HMO) Plans with prescription drug coverage (MAPDs) are offered in Contra Costa County for 2016. 
    Monthly premiums range from $0 to $106. 
    There is one Special Needs Medicare Advantage Plan with prescription drug coverage that is offered only for persons who have Medicare and full scope Medi-Cal for 2016.

Click here for a chart showing a summary overview of the Medicare Advantage plans offered in 2016.
See below for a chart showing the details of the Medicare Advantage plans offered in 2016.
Click here for more information about the Special Needs Medicare Advantage plans offered in 2016.

Click here to go to a printable version of the following chart. You must have Adobe Reader as it’s in PDF format.

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